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Can my DJ turntable be collected from my location in Seaford?

The network of couriers can collect DJ turntables from any address in East Sussex to the modern repair centre. Please get in touch with the team via the enquiry form provided for your convenience.

Does the team undertake turntable servicing for Seaford?

Yes the team offers professional turntable servicing for clients from Seaford in East Sussex covering cleaning, lubrication, and calibration.

Getting your DJ turntable repaired by the team is a simple process, so contact the repair centre.

What types of turntable from Seaford do the specialists repair?

The DJ technicians repair and service professional DJ turntable manufacturers such as the popular Technics SL1200 and SL1210 used by amateur and professional DJs all over the world.

Vestax and Numark also popular brands which the staff can repair and service alongside a range of other makes.

Generally speaking if parts can be acquired the team can help.

Will turntable repairs for Seaford in East Sussex take a long time to complete?

Most DJ turntable repairs for Seaford and East Sussex are completed within 3-5 working days.

Sometimes the repair of your DJ turntables might take longer due to waiting for parts to arrive or the discovery of more difficult faults upon initial diagnosis.

What parts are obtained for DJ turntable repairs Seaford?

The fully fitted DJ repair centre will only source high grade parts for DJ turntable repairs Seaford covering all major brands. The turntable parts utilised come with a warranty.

DJ Turntable Repairs Seaford

High quality turntable repairs Seaford are offered by technicians with the appropriate training and repair equipment needed for turntable repairs and general servicing.

Turntable repairs cover most makes including (but not restricted to):

• Technics
• Numark
• Stanton
• Vestax
• Audio Technica
• Pioneer
• Reloop
• Omnitronic

Some of the popular models repaired and serviced by the technicians include Technics SL1210 MK2, SL1200 MK2, SL1210 MK3, SL1200 MK3, SL1210 MK5 and SL1200 MK5.

If your DJ turntable brand or model is not listed, please mention this in your enquiry and the team might still be able to help.

• Pitch controls broken or damaged
• Phono leads broken or intermittent
• Ground wire broken or damaged
• Target lights broken or intermittent
• Catridges have low output or damaged
• Pick up low volume or noisy
• Stylus skipping or worn
• Main lead damaged
• Power knob lost or damaged

These are just some of the faults with DJ turntables which can be fixed. From cosmetic damage to part replacement, the competent team aim to help where possible.

Each turntable repair for Seaford comes with a parts warranty for extra assurance. Dependable turntable repair Seaford East Sussex via collection and delivery to the fully fitted DJ equipment repair centre.

Book a DJ turntable repair for Seaford by filling in the turntable form provided with extra information for an email or call back soon.

• Contact details
• Brand
• Model
• Fault with turntable

DJ turntable repair Seaford

Seaford Turntable Repairs

National turntable repairs Seaford and East Sussex from technicians who have been in the DJ equipment repair industry for quite some time now.

The team are professionals in fixing the well known Technics SL1200s and SL1210s turntables but many other turntable brands and models are also supported.

Turntable repairs Seaford use suitable parts where needed alongside modern repair methods for a long lasting and reliable DJ turntable repair service.

Most turntable repairs are done within three to five working days and the team can handle requests from individuals, professional DJs and established gigs looking for a great value and prompt service.

For further information on how to book a turntable repair for Seaford with collection and delivery, just enquire with the website form or phone the team today.

Recent Enquires

i have a pair of gemini pt1000 mk2 direct drive quartz decks and the pitch is not consistent. not been serviced for over 10 years. needs calibrating/tightening up. can you help? and an idea of cost would be great.thanks.


hi, I have an old michell syncro deck and it`s only playing out of one speaker (cds play fine through both speakers) i`m assuming it`s a lead issue from the deck? is this something you could help me with? I know it`s not a dj deck but thought i`d give you guys a go seeing as your local.many thankskevin


hi you may recall we had a conversation friday 16th november regarding my yp-211 turntable I am going out to the gym so if you could send me your answer via my e-mail when booking the turntable in is the payment made up front of after completion, I am in hope to have the sufficient funds soon to take the offer up just with being out of work just now the 150 is a tad hard to come by but in hope to have soon, johnny


i have 2x numark tt1625 - each turntable seems to get about half way through a record before skipping/looping, adjusting the count weights don`t seem to make much of a difference. I don`t know if it`s possible to repair a few snapped pieces of places too - for example there`s a bit that keeps the needle arm down when it`s not being used that has snapped and a small piece from the needle you use to place it down. i`m just looking for these to be repaired if possible


reg: sony ps2200 automatic turntable record player.the tone arm overshoots the lip of the record by a few millimetres and also creates a loud humming through the amplifier. can you help with this please.


it`s a domestic single turntable pro-ject - audio systems think it might be the drive that`s gone not very old but out of garuntee do you do this type of repair?


i have a pioneer pl-990 turn and it seems the motor that drives the belt is not functioning correctly.when I connect the belt to the motors drive shaft nothing happens but when it is disconnected the driveshaft seems to turn but not on full this something that you guys can look into?breinar larussonnottingham


good morning, I am enquiring about a service for my two technical x turntables? any faults that can be rectified or parts needing replaced


jvc turntable does not go around and it is not the belt


output on sl1210 is only coming through one channel


i have a korean ariston pro x from x it is a belt driven manual built to look like a technics x everything works fine except it groans a bit when I first switch it on and the switch to change from 45rpm to 33rpm does not work. it stays on 45rpm.


please can you confirm how much it costs for serving 2nr technics sl1210 mk2 turntables