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Can my DJ turntable be collected from my address in Rogiet?

The network of couriers can pick up DJ turntables from any address in Monmouthshire to the modern repair centre. Please get in touch with the team via the website form shown for your convenience.

Does the team carry out turntable servicing for Rogiet?

Yes the team offers high quality turntable servicing for customers from Rogiet in Monmouthshire covering cleaning, lubrication, and calibration.

Getting your DJ turntable maintained by the team is an easy to understand process, so get in touch with the repair centre.

What types of turntable from Rogiet do the professionals fix?

The DJ staff repair and service professional DJ turntable makes such as the popular Technics SL1200 and SL1210 used by amateur and professional DJs throughout the world.

Vestax and Numark also established brands which the experts can repair and service alongside a range of other manufacturers.

Generally speaking if parts can be sourced the team can help.

Will turntable repairs for Monmouthshire take a while to complete?

Most DJ turntable repairs for Rogiet and Monmouthshire are completed within 5 business days.

Sometimes the repair of your DJ turntables might take longer due to parts availability or the discovery of more complex faults upon initial diagnosis.

What parts are sourced for DJ turntable repairs Rogiet?

The purpose built DJ repair centre will only source compatible parts for DJ turntable repairs Rogiet covering all major brands. The turntable parts replaced come with a warranty.

DJ Turntable Repairs Rogiet

Professional turntable repairs Rogiet are carried out by technicians with the correct training and repair equipment required for turntable repairs and general servicing.

Turntable repairs cover most brands including (but not limited to):

• Omnitronic
• Reloop
• Pioneer
• Audio Technica
• Vestax
• Stanton
• Numark
• Technics

Some of the main models repaired and serviced by the technicians include Technics SL1210 MK2, SL1200 MK2, SL1210 MK3, SL1200 MK3, SL1210 MK5 and SL1200 MK5.

If your DJ turntable brand or model is not provided, please add this in your enquiry and the team might still be able to help.

• Power knob lost or damaged
• Main lead damaged
• Stylus skipping or worn
• Pick up low volume or noisy
• Catridges have low output or damaged
• Target lights broken or intermittent
• Ground wire broken or damaged
• Phono leads broken or intermittent
• Pitch controls broken or damaged

These are just some of the issues with DJ turntables which can be repaired. From cosmetic damage to part replacement, the reliable team aim to provide assistance where possible.

Each turntable repair for Rogiet comes with a parts warranty for peace of mind. Reliable turntable repair Rogiet Monmouthshire via couriers to the dedicated DJ equipment repair centre.

Organise a DJ turntable repair for Rogiet by completing the turntable form provided with more information for an email or call back soon.

• Contact details
• Brand
• Model
• Issue with turntable

DJ turntable repair Rogiet

Rogiet Turntable Repairs

Nationwide turntable repairs Rogiet and Monmouthshire from technicians who have been in the DJ equipment repair industry for a considerable period of time.

The team are professionals in servicing the industry leading Technics SL1200s and SL1210s turntables but the majority of other turntable manufacturers and models are also supported.

Turntable repairs Rogiet use high grade parts where required alongside traditional repair processes for a long lasting and reliable DJ turntable repair service.

Most turntable repairs are completed within five working days and the team can handle requests from individuals, professional DJs and large venues looking for a cost-effective and quick service.

For extra information on how to arrange a turntable repair for Rogiet with pick up and delivery, just fill in the online form or call the team today.

Recent Enquires

we have a simple home turntable technics sl-bd22d and the small back cable-connecting panel has become detached. it seems a simple re-solder wires and connect panel. can you do and if so can you give an estimate? many thanks


sony ps-t22 turntable turntable will run for approx 90 seconds then stop it makes a clicking sound whilst running and stops on it self.


hi ,i have some issues with my pro-ject vte bluetooth turntable (sound) and I believe this is coming from the tonearm but not sure at all. are you able to check it /test it and fix it if needed ? thanks for letting me know cheersmatt


hi, I have a pair is sl1200`s. they are approx 25 years old and have never been serviced. also one of the decks, when you push the start button the platter just €rocks` from left to right instead of rotating I am looking for a price for for servicing the pair .many thanks and I look forward to your reply.


i have two turntables (1210 mk2) in need of repair and servicing. one has generally poor sound and the left phono seems to be dead. the other had the tone arm knocked and the clasp has broken off and I get get the tone arm to balance again. do you have availability to collect or for me to drop off to you, and would you be able to give me a rough quote? many thanks and hope you are well! iain


numark tt250 direct drive turntable plays for roughly 15-20 minutes then gradually slows down to a haunt.


hi I have my dads old garrad x turntable. it needs a complete refurb. the inside wires what are left are corroded and some are missing. as well there are parts missing. I was just wondering if I could get a quote. thanks jon.


aec c81 direct drive turntable motor speed is fluctuating. can this be fixed or motor replaced?thanks.


output on sl1210 is only coming through one channel


front loading sansui think the drive belt has gone , won`t open - seem to be available online


sl1200 I have three that need a service. I also have a problem with a mk2 phono lead and ground.a mk1 which needs a tonearm replacement.


pioneer ddj sx2 right deck cue button sticking and sometimes doesn`t respond when cueing tracks.