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Can my DJ turntable be collected from my address in Crowborough?

The network of couriers can pick up DJ turntables from any address in East Sussex to the modern repair centre. Please get in touch with the team via the website form shown for your convenience.

Does the team carry out turntable servicing for Crowborough?

Yes the team offers high quality turntable servicing for customers from Crowborough in East Sussex covering calibration, lubrication and cleaning.

Getting your DJ turntable maintained by the team is an easy to understand process, so get in touch with the repair centre.

What types of turntable from Crowborough do the team fix?

The DJ staff repair and service professional DJ turntable makes such as the popular Technics SL1200 and SL1210 used by amateur and professional DJs throughout the world.

Vestax and Numark also well known brands which the experts can repair and service alongside a range of other brands.

Generally speaking if parts can be sourced the team can help.

Will turntable repairs for East Sussex take ages to complete?

Most DJ turntable repairs for Crowborough and East Sussex are completed within five business days.

Sometimes the repair of your DJ turntables might take longer due to parts availability or the discovery of more complex faults upon initial diagnosis.

What parts are acquired for DJ turntable repairs Crowborough?

The dedicated DJ repair centre will only source suitable parts for DJ turntable repairs Crowborough covering all major makes. The turntable parts fitted come with a warranty.

DJ Turntable Repairs Crowborough

High quality turntable repairs Crowborough are offered by technicians with the appropriate training and repair equipment necessary for turntable repairs and general servicing.

Turntable repairs cover most manufacturers including (but not restricted to):

• Technics
• Numark
• Stanton
• Vestax
• Audio Technica
• Pioneer
• Reloop
• Omnitronic

Some of the popular models repaired and serviced by the staff include Technics SL1210 MK2, SL1200 MK2, SL1210 MK3, SL1200 MK3, SL1210 MK5 and SL1200 MK5.

If your DJ turntable brand or model is not shown, please mention this in your enquiry and the team will try it's best to help.

• Pitch controls broken or damaged
• Phono leads broken or intermittent
• Ground wire broken or damaged
• Target lights broken or intermittent
• Catridges have low output or damaged
• Pick up low volume or noisy
• Stylus skipping or worn
• Main lead damaged
• Power knob lost or damaged

These are just some of the faults with DJ turntables which can be resolved. From cosmetic damage to part replacement, the experienced team aim to assist where possible.

Each turntable repair for Crowborough comes with a parts warranty for extra assurance. High quality turntable repair Crowborough East Sussex via collection and delivery to the fully fitted DJ equipment repair centre.

Arrange a DJ turntable repair for Crowborough by filling in the turntable form provided with extra information for an email or call back soon.

• Contact details
• Brand
• Model
• Problem with turntable

DJ turntable repair Crowborough

Crowborough Turntable Repairs

National turntable repairs Crowborough and East Sussex from technicians who have been in the DJ equipment repair industry for a considerable period of time.

The team are professionals in servicing the well known Technics SL1200s and SL1210s turntables but the majority of other turntable manufacturers and models are also supported.

Turntable repairs Crowborough use appropriate parts where needed alongside modern repair methods for a long lasting and reliable DJ turntable repair service.

Most turntable repairs are completed within five working days and the team can handle requests from individuals, professional DJs and established gigs looking for a cost-effective and express service.

For further information on how to book a turntable repair for Crowborough with pick up and delivery, just enquire with the website form or call the team today.

Recent Enquires

i need a professional to look at my turntables I am unsure of the problem


do you repair very old turntables. mine is a garrard about 45 yrs only needs a new needle fitted but a friend took it apart and broke the new needle and arm


hi I have a jvc al-e45tn turntable {1991} thats sits on top of a cd ,tuner and double cassette deck .the belt looks fine and there is power to the unit but when I press the cueing button the table will not start. I have pressed the stop button and start to turn the table manually ,it starts turning on its own then finishes its cycle then stops.


i have a sony gtk-xb72 speaker that after excessive use at high volume overheated recently. it still turns on and plays music through the bluetooth option however the sound quality is crackily and i€™m no longer able to use the audio in option to connect to my decks. wondered if you could fix this. thanks


hi, the repair is for a record player. sony sterio turntable system ps-lx300usb.we have recently moved and the on/off stitch doesn`t work now. don`t know if you are able to help? many thanks. ro


right hand side deck not reading cds. just makes clicking sound. model is gemini cdm x


hi I have a vintage thorens turntable in need of repair. can you help? thanks


hi. my technics sl x mk2 is distorting at higher frequencies. I thought it might be the cartridge position so bought a calibration guide. I haven`t been able to sort it with that and think it might be a bit worse after my attempt. it might be the needle. i`m not sure to be honest! the deck works fine otherwise but I would like it sounding right again if there`s anything you can do? I live fairly close and could bring it to you if that`s an option? many thanks. john


drive belt has snapped


it`s a technics hifi compact disc player sl-pj38athe player will play some cd but not others.


one of the cdjays won`t remain turned on. additionally I would like to have both decks serviced.


turntable stops when the needle touches the record. the system is an old hitachi md02 I can supply a photo if this helps? regards, richard