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Can my DJ turntable be collected from my location in Caldicot?

The network of couriers can pick up DJ turntables from any address in Monmouthshire to the modern repair centre. Please get in touch with the team via the website form shown for your convenience.

Does the team provide turntable servicing for Caldicot?

Yes the team offers high quality turntable servicing for customers from Caldicot in Monmouthshire covering calibration, lubrication and cleaning.

Getting your DJ turntable maintained by the team is a straightforward process, so connect with the service centre.

What types of turntable from Caldicot do the team fix?

The DJ technicians repair and service professional DJ turntable manufacturers such as the popular Technics SL1200 and SL1210 used by amateur and professional DJs all over the world.

Vestax and Numark also popular brands which the staff can repair and service alongside a range of other makes.

Generally speaking if parts can be acquired the team can help.

Will turntable repairs for Caldicot in Monmouthshire take a long time to complete?

Most DJ turntable repairs for Caldicot and Monmouthshire are completed within 3-5 working days.

Sometimes the repair of your DJ turntables might take longer due to waiting for parts to arrive or the discovery of more difficult faults upon initial diagnosis.

What parts are obtained for DJ turntable repairs Caldicot?

The fully fitted DJ repair centre will only source high grade parts for DJ turntable repairs Caldicot covering all major brands. The turntable parts utilised come with a warranty.

DJ Turntable Repairs Caldicot

DJ turntable repairs Caldicot are carried out by technicians with the necessary training and repair equipment required for turntable repairs and general servicing.

Turntable repairs cover most brands including (but not exclusive to):

• Omnitronic
• Reloop
• Pioneer
• Audio Technica
• Vestax
• Stanton
• Numark
• Technics

Some of the well known models repaired and serviced by the staff include Technics SL1210 MK2, SL1200 MK2, SL1210 MK3, SL1200 MK3, SL1210 MK5 and SL1200 MK5.

If your DJ turntable brand or model is not displayed, please add this in your enquiry and the team might still be able to help.

• Power knob lost or damaged
• Main lead damaged
• Stylus skipping or worn
• Pick up low volume or noisy
• Catridges have low output or damaged
• Target lights broken or intermittent
• Ground wire broken or damaged
• Phono leads broken or intermittent
• Pitch controls broken or damaged

These are just some of the problems with DJ turntables which can be rectified. From cosmetic damage to part replacement, the dependable team aim to provide assistance where possible.

Each turntable repair for Caldicot comes with a parts warranty for additional peace of mind. Professional turntable repair Caldicot Monmouthshire via couriers to the modern DJ equipment repair centre.

Request a DJ turntable repair for Caldicot by completing the turntable form provided with more information for an email or call back soon.

• Contact details
• Brand
• Model
• Issue with turntable

DJ turntable repair Caldicot

Caldicot Turntable Repairs

Nationwide turntable repairs Caldicot and Monmouthshire from technicians who have been in the DJ equipment repair industry for many years.

The team are professionals in repairing the industry leading Technics SL1200s and SL1210s turntables but most other turntable makes and models are also supported.

Turntable repairs Caldicot use high quality parts where required alongside traditional repair processes for a long lasting and reliable DJ turntable repair service.

Most turntable repairs are accomplished within 3-5 business days and the team can handle requests from individuals, professional DJs and large venues looking for an economical and quick service.

For extra information on how to arrange a turntable repair for Caldicot with pick up and delivery, just complete the website form or phone the team today.

Recent Enquires

turntables were spinning fast now they don`t spin at all..


cambridge audio azur 640cwon`t read disc and now draw won`t open with cd still inside. sony cdp-xe530 has the same issue and if you can do a job lot a technics sl-pg490


my sony cd player is not recording from the attached tape deck, whereas it used to. there are no connection problems. the problem would appear to be that the `record level` setting will no longer flex up an down the scale, but jumps from 0 - over the max, I am therefore either getting totally no recording on the one hand, or a high pitched feedback on the other.


vestax pdx2000 deck no power


hi some time ago I dropped my husband`s turntable. to star with the belt kept slipping but now it does not start at all. I believe it is the funk firm. it looks like vector v model. I would be ever so grateful if you could help! look forward to hearing from you. thanks


hi I was wandering if you can do the hinge install on my decks and how much would it be please.thank youjake


technics sl x mk 2-a direct drive turntable. has (we think) earthing problem as buzzes all the time. please advise. cheryl and peter


hi I live in cheshire but come birmingham every week. I brought a set of numark ttx usb decks with a stanton sa-12 dj craze mixer which looks brand new but without any adaptor , I have purchased 3 new as its shows power but no audio , looking online it stats that you got no audio if wrong adaptor what to drop to you to asses please


i have a numark nv but my power cable won`t connect to the decks to give it power because the hole it connects too is lose


i have a stack system made by kenwood from the late 80`s and the turntable speed isn`t correct,is this something you can repair?


my friend was playing on my decks over the weekend and did a flick using the channel 1 fader and has snapped it clean off, the piece of metal what slides up and down in the deck has seemed to have snapped off with the slider knob, I have both bits still but I think the metal bit may need replacing for anew piece but the fader knob seems to be ok, I have a pioneer mixer djm x please get back to me and let me know, thank you


loose headshell causing hum, low background hum also when headshell adjusted, possible bad earth? turntable recently refurbished by third party and then purchased by myself, otherwise it plays beautifully.estimate cost of repair?