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Can my DJ turntable be collected from my location in Brockweir?

The network of couriers can collect DJ turntables from any address in Monmouthshire to the modern repair centre. Please get in touch with the team via the online form provided for your convenience.

Does the team offer turntable servicing for Brockweir?

Yes the team offers professional turntable servicing for individuals and venues from Brockweir in Monmouthshire covering calibration, lubrication and cleaning.

Getting your DJ turntable serviced by the team is an easy process, so connect with the service centre.

What types of turntable from Brockweir do the technicians service?

The DJ team repair and service professional DJ turntable makes such as the popular Technics SL1200 and SL1210 used by amateur and professional DJs across the world.

Vestax and Numark also well known brands which the team can repair and service alongside a range of other brands.

Generally speaking if parts can be obtained the team can help.

Will turntable repairs for Brockweir take ages to complete?

Most DJ turntable repairs for Brockweir and Monmouthshire are completed within five business days.

Sometimes the repair of your DJ turntables might take longer due to parts availability or the discovery of more complex faults upon initial diagnosis.

What parts are used for DJ turntable repairs Brockweir?

The large DJ repair centre will only source suitable parts for DJ turntable repairs Brockweir covering all major makes. The turntable parts fitted come with a warranty.

DJ Turntable Repairs Brockweir

Professional turntable repairs Brockweir are undertaken by technicians with the correct training and repair equipment required for turntable repairs and general servicing.

Turntable repairs cover most makes including (but not limited to):

• Omnitronic
• Reloop
• Pioneer
• Audio Technica
• Vestax
• Stanton
• Numark
• Technics

Some of the main models repaired and serviced by the technicians include Technics SL1210 MK2, SL1200 MK2, SL1210 MK3, SL1200 MK3, SL1210 MK5 and SL1200 MK5.

If your DJ turntable brand or model is not provided, please add this in your enquiry and the team might still be able to help.

• Power knob lost or damaged
• Main lead damaged
• Stylus skipping or worn
• Pick up low volume or noisy
• Catridges have low output or damaged
• Target lights broken or intermittent
• Ground wire broken or damaged
• Phono leads broken or intermittent
• Pitch controls broken or damaged

These are just some of the issues with DJ turntables which can be repaired. From cosmetic damage to part replacement, the reliable team aim to provide assistance where possible.

Each turntable repair for Brockweir comes with a parts warranty for peace of mind. Reliable turntable repair Brockweir Monmouthshire via couriers to the dedicated DJ equipment repair centre.

Organise a DJ turntable repair for Brockweir by completing the turntable form provided with more information for an email or call back soon.

• Contact details
• Brand
• Model
• Fault with turntable

DJ turntable repair Brockweir

Brockweir Turntable Repairs

National turntable repairs Brockweir and Monmouthshire from technicians who have been in the DJ equipment repair industry for a considerable period of time.

The team are professionals in servicing the well known Technics SL1200s and SL1210s turntables but the majority of other turntable manufacturers and models are also supported.

Turntable repairs Brockweir use appropriate parts where required alongside traditional repair methods for a long lasting and reliable DJ turntable repair service.

Most turntable repairs are completed within five working days and the team can handle requests from individuals, professional DJs and large venues looking for a cost-effective and quick service.

For extra information on how to book a turntable repair for Brockweir with collection and delivery, just enquire with the website form or phone the team today.

Recent Enquires

white audio cable not working (sound only comes through the red cable and only out of one speaker).the other turntable works completely fine.


hinhave a pioneer ddj400 controller left deck tempo is not sending a signal just to get a price to fix it


hi,looking to get 2x stanton str8-150 turntables serviced please. they`re 10 years old, and could do with a good clean and service. they work fine still, use them all the time, but the pitch is wavering a bit these days for example.where are you actually located? can`t find much in the way of contact details/addresses on your site?thanks,mike


marantz cd94 transport system faulty probably belts/pulleys.main on/off button doesn`t work.can you fix ?


turntable is a goldring lenco gl69. sound through amplifier is distorted (amplifier sound perfect with cds, radio, cassettes etc). new g800 stylus no improvement. possibly a problem with the pick up head; needs a good clean/service.


hello. I have a vintage garrard x (i`ve had it 50 years) which has developed a system hum. I don`t think it`s a straight earthing problem but the wiring and soldering are showing their age!not a dj turntable but can you help?thankssteve


i have jvc ql-y3f turntable with empire 2000e mm cartridge,i bought stylus empire x elliptical...i should to install the new needle...i can`t do it myself...thanks


just blown the dust off my pioneer xl-500 ii turntables and notice the sound isn`t transferring to the headphones very well through one of the turntables. also notice occasionally sound doesn`t come through the left speaker. speakers, headphone, leads and amp are all brand new so must be an issue with the 20 year old turntable(s)! possibly just need a servicing or maybe a repair. is this something you would take a look at and how much do you charge?


hi please can you let me know if it is possible to repair the earth cables on a set of technics sl1210`s as well as a new light for one. is it also possible to give them a clean and a little service?is it possible to also buy a couple of new needles too? many thanks lauren


the arm on one of my decks has become stiff and is now jumping like it`s trying to go back I think it`s the gimble as all forums I have been on asked seems to suggest it is. how much is it to look and confirm and repair please


the belt is going slow on a dynatron turntable


i have an problem with one of my vestax pdx-d3 (mk1) turntables.issue is needle sliding across records during play. i`ve compared this as best I could with my other (working) deck, and it seems to be a weight issue (the whole arm feels much lighter than the other when manually handled, despite the same weight settings), so i`m wondering if this is something internal? it seems to be considerably lacking tension in comparison to the other one.