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My DJ speakers in Powys keep on cutting out?

The speaker problem is typically caused by loose connections, power supply or short circuiting which results in hardware failure.

The team can fix DJ speakers from Powys at an economical price for DJs, clubs and venues throughout Monmouthshire.

My DJ speakers in Powys are producing a humming noise?

A number of factors could be causing speaker humming or buzzing noises.

Common causes identified by the technicians include ground looping, faulty cables, blown transistors and damaged input connectors

Getting your DJ speakers in Powys serviced is easy with the team.

Can the team fix any speaker from Powys?

Where possible the team shall try it's best to service your faulty DJ speakers.

The team specialise in the repair and servicing of professional speaker equipment to a great standard.

Please note that certain items are too expensive to repair due to the lack of replacement parts.

What types of speaker equipment does the team repair for individuals and businesses in Powys?

All types of professional audio equipment in Powys can be repaired by the expertly trained technicians

The various problems with subwoofers, studio monitors, stage monitors, passive speakers, portable PA systems, graphic equalizers, digital management systems, crossovers and active speakers can be serviced at affordable prices.

Whatever issues you're having with DJ speakers, let the specialists help.

How can I avoid blowing out my DJ speakers in Powys?

Most blown out speaker faults are caused by damage to the delicate diaphragms.

For example plugging in and out cables with the volume turned up is not suggested.

Damaged cables, overpowering or under powering (known as clipping the amp) and excessive feedback can all lead to a blown DJ speaker. If you are looking for additional advice, please don't hesitate to contact the team today.

DJ Speaker Repair Powys

Have your DJ speakers in Powys begun failing due to wear and tear or accidental damage? can help with a nationwide speaker repair service.

The speaker repairs for Powys cover most makes and models of DJ speakers including (but not restricted to:

• Peavey
• Mackie
• Behringer
• Pioneer

These are just some of the speaker makes the team can effectively repair for DJs, clubs and venues throughout the UK.

A large selection of speaker faults can be examined and repaired by the highly trained technicians including:

• Speakers keep cutting out
• Cable or connection issues
• Blown speaker
• Not turning on
• Buzzing noise
• Humming noise
• Popping noise
• Cracking noise
• Distorted sound coming from speakers

These are just some of the speaker repairs for Powys that the specialists can offer.

All speaker repairs for Powys come with a warranty covering parts fitted alongside fault testing for added peace of mind that repairs have been finished to a high standard.

To arrange your speaker repair for Powys with courier service, simply complete the DJ speaker form shown with the following information:

• Contact details
• Brand
• Model
• Problem with your speaker

The technicians will contact you back via phone or email regarding speakers repairs for Powys within a short space of time.

DJ speaker repair Powys

Powys Speaker Repairs

Quality speaker repair Powys for passive and active speakers for countless manufacturers and models.

DJ speaker repairs are carried out by well trained engineers using suitable speaker parts and repair techniques for a reliable speaker repair at a cost-effective price.

Each speaker repair for Monmouthshire is completed to a very high standard. Most speakers are fixed by the team within three to five working days alongside a warranty for added peace of mind.

To arrange a speaker repair or for further information on speaker repairs Powys, just use the online form with your contact information and the dedicated team will contact you back shortly.

Recent Enquires

i have 2 x qs15a speakers that need repairing. please advise.


i am emailing from stanton manor hotel, we have a qxpa speaker system which is switching on but not playing anything. the blue screen on the back is also not lighting this something you could look into for me?


i have a krk rp5 g2 that has subwoofer damage. after inspection of the innards, it seems the black `goo` stabalising the inside has melted and burnt out the connectors from the subwoofer to the amplifier. i`ve heard this is a common issue. can you repair? if so how much and what lead time?


i have two jbl devices that need a repair. I am not x sure what the issue is but one would think its speakers are blown. the devices I have are jbl onbeat xtreme and a jbl flip 2. can you fix these and what would be the approximate cost?


top end of my focal cms 65 is dull on one speaker. I believe maybe the tweeter needs renewing


hi,i`m using a numark m6 mixer. when the channel 1 and 3 upfaders are at max volume, if I touch the upfaders then the sound goes from the left speaker and there`s a crackling sound. I only have this problem when the mixer is set to stereo rather than mono.i`ve seen online that it might be worth removing the upfaders and cleaning them with alcohol - is this something you`d recommend? if I should take it in to be serviced, how much would it roughly cost?thanks,tom


one of my alesis speakers has stopped working. sounded like a fuse. have replaced to no avail.


i have 2 rcf 712a mk 2 speakers both modules have gone no low end only horn working 1 started crackling and went off the other made funny noises and went off


can someone pls call me ? I have some speakers that need repaired


hi, I have 1 old late 1980`s mordaunt-short speaker where the sound comes intermittently and then dies..turning volume up suddenly brings it back only for it to go again..can you repair? many thanx jasper


hi,i emailed earlier but never received a confirmation email... I have a boston subwoofer which turns on but does not play audio when connected to lfe source. is this a fixable problem and if so, that would be great!best wishes will


im fairly certain that my tweeter in my rokit 8g3 is has broken