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My DJ speakers in Ebbw Vale keep on turning off?

The speaker fault is typically caused by loose connections, power supply or short circuiting which results in hardware failure.

The team can fix DJ speakers from Ebbw Vale at a cost-effective price for DJs, clubs and venues throughout Monmouthshire.

My DJ speakers in Ebbw Vale are generating a humming noise?

A range of factors could be causing speaker humming or buzzing noises.

Common causes mentioned by the technicians include ground looping, tangled cables, blown transistors and damaged input connectors

Getting your DJ speakers in Ebbw Vale fixed is easy with the team.

Can the team service any speaker from Ebbw Vale?

Where possible the team shall try it's best to repair your broken DJ speakers.

The team specialise in the repair and servicing of professional speaker equipment to a working standard.

Please consider that certain items are not economical to repair due to the lack of replacement parts.

What types of speaker equipment does the team fix for homeowners and organisations in Ebbw Vale?

All types of professional audio equipment in Ebbw Vale can be fixed by the well trained technicians

The various problems with subwoofers, studio monitors, stage monitors, passive speakers, portable PA systems, graphic equalizers, digital management systems, crossovers and active speakers can be fixed at affordable prices.

Whatever problems you're having with DJ speakers, let the experts help.

How can I prevent blowing out my DJ speakers in Ebbw Vale?

Most blown out speaker faults are caused by damage to the delicate diaphragms.

For example plugging in and out cables with the volume turned up is not suggested.

Shorting out cables, overpowering or under powering (known as clipping the amp) and excessive feedback can all lead to a blown DJ speaker. If you are seeking additional advice, please don't hesitate to phone a member of the team today.

DJ Speaker Repair Ebbw Vale

Have your DJ speakers in Ebbw Vale become faulty due to wear and tear or accidental damage? can help with a nationwide speaker repair service.

The speaker repairs for Ebbw Vale cover most manufacturers and models of DJ speakers including (but not restricted to:

• Pioneer
• Behringer
• Mackie
• Peavey

These are just some of the speaker brands the team can effectively service for DJs, clubs and venues across the UK.

A large range of speaker defects can be diagnosed and repaired by the expertly trained technicians including:

• Speakers keep cutting out
• Cable or connection issues
• Blown speaker
• Not turning on
• Buzzing noise
• Humming noise
• Popping noise
• Cracking noise
• Distorted sound coming from speakers

These are just some of the speaker repairs for Ebbw Vale that the team can provide.

All speaker repairs for Ebbw Vale come with a warranty covering parts used alongside fault testing for your peace of mind that repairs have been carried out to a high standard.

To request your speaker repair for Ebbw Vale with collection and delivery, simply use the DJ speaker form displayed with the following information:

• Contact details
• Brand
• Model
• Problem with your speaker

The experts will contact you back via phone or email regarding speakers repairs for Ebbw Vale within a short space of time.

DJ speaker repair Ebbw Vale

Ebbw Vale Speaker Repairs

Professional speaker repair Ebbw Vale for passive and active speakers for countless manufacturers and models.

DJ speaker repairs are carried out by expertly trained engineers using compatible speaker parts and repair processes for a reliable speaker repair at an economical price.

Each speaker repair for Monmouthshire is completed to a very high standard. Most speakers are fixed by the team within 5 working days alongside a warranty for additional peace of mind.

To book a speaker repair or for more information on speaker repairs Ebbw Vale, just complete the website form with your contact details and the honest team will get in touch shortly.

Recent Enquires

my eagle mother bord in my speaker has blown would this be repairable and how much would it cost me would really appreciate your advice and hope you can contact me as and when you can many thanks


think the drivers are done.x2active speakers mackies 12s


no power going to speaker eris e5 xt I think it was turned on wrong power setting can you repair it


my powered img speaker has stopped working, the lights don€™t even come on so I think it€™s a power issue. i€™ve checked the fuse by swapping it with my working speaker and it€™s not that, it still didn€™t work. I have a gig on new year€™s eve is there time to have it looked at? thank you adelle


i have a pair of ev the entertainer. tapco model 100s speakers. one of the speaker foams has rotten with age. I have the replacement foams and glues but can`t seen to have a go at doing it as my body won`t allow. lol wonder if you could take it on.many thanks.henry.


dj technology speaker


speaker has power (power light comes on) normally a blue light will show in the front but this doesn`t happen, and there is no output


the speakers no longer turn on I believe the issue comes from them overheating as they were used at high volume for a long period of time. the model of speaker is m-audio x


hooked up a new q accoustics 7000ci center speaker to my av amp. forgot to select `small` in amp speaker settings and turned it up too much while testing music. could be a voice coil issue as sound is now muffled and quieter while being bassy.said speaker is 6 ohms, x watts, amp is sony str-dn860 150watts per channel but I never take it more than halve way.


2x boss audio p106dvc subwoofers repairfault- connect to amplifier and no movement nor sound


hii have got a yamaha speaker musiccast x suddenly stopped working ,no lights etcdo you repair this kind of speakers?thank you marcin


the tweeter of the peavey speaker doesn`t work please contact me by email only