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How pricey are DJ mixer repairs Newbridge?

The cost of DJ mixer repair for Newbridge Monmouthshire is subject to the age, model, make and the type of fault you are having with your machine.

For a no obligation quote, please connect with the team today.

My DJ mixer in Newbridge no longer turns on?

This common DJ mixer issue is often caused by a disconnected fuse due to general wear and tear or corrosion or a damaged power supply.

The team offer DJ mixer repair Newbridge for this defect at the fully fitted repair workshop.

What recognised DJ mixers models can the team fix for Newbridge?

The team provide DJ mixer repairs for Newbridge and Monmouthshire for independent DJs and venues.

A range of DJ mixer models are serviced such as Pioneer DJM850, Allen & Heath Xone:42, Numark M6, Denon X120, Rane Sixty-Two and Native Instruments Kontrol Z2 to name but a few.

My DJ mixer in Newbridge has no signal?

If the board is getting no audio input signal anywhere than your DJ mixer might have a power supply problem or a blown fuse, the MUTE signal could also be at fault.

Whatever defects you're experiencing with your DJ mixer, the team in most cases have access to schematics and replacement parts required for out of warranty DJ mixer repairs.

I had a drink spilt over my DJ mixer in Newbridge. Can the team repair it?

The technicians offer DJ mixer repairs for Newbridge Monmouthshire covering water damage but the associated costs and time required to solve these problems are often higher due to ongoing corrosion and damage to internal components (electronics and liquids do not mix!).

DJ Mixer Repairs Newbridge

If your DJ mixer has developed an issue or it simply needs a good service then the team offering DJ mixer repair Newbridge in Monmouthshire can help.

Mixer repairs for Newbridge are carried out by experienced technicians using high quality parts and repair methods for a cost-effective and express DJ mixer repair service.

The DJ mixer repair service covers most brands including (but not limited to):

• Vestax
• Soundcraft
• Presonus
• Reloop
• Native Instruments
• Behringer
• Rane
• Numark
• Denon
• Allen & Heath
• Pioneer

Some of the popular DJ mixer models covered include DJM-350, DJM-400, DJM-700, DJM-800, DJM-909, DJM-1000, DJM-2000, DJM-3000, DJM-5000 and SVM-1000 (subject to parts being obtainable).

Even if your DJ mixer brand is not displayed, the team may still be able to help - just add the model number and manufacturer in your initial enquiry.

Common DJ mixer faults repaired by the team include;

• Power faults
• Loose connections
• Loose cabling
• No output
• Distorted sound (hissing or buzzing)
• Fader replacement
• Channels not working
• Cosmetic damage such as scratches and dents
• Missing switches and knobs

Most other issues with DJ mixers can be repaired at a affordable cost.

To arrange your DJ mixer repair for Newbridge with collection and delivery, just use the mixer form and include the following information:

• Contact details
• Mixer brand
• Mixer model
• Mixer problem

DJ Mixer repair Newbridge

Newbridge DJ Mixer Repairs

DJ Fix Pros offers DJ mixer repairs Newbridge by professional technicians using compatible parts and tools for a efficient repair service.

The DJ mixer repairs for Newbridge cover most models and brands and the team will gladly look at and inspect older models for repairs and servicing where possible (subject to parts being acquirable).

Repairing your DJ mixer alongside preventative maintenance is a cost-effective solution to getting a replacement model and it saves time as you don't need to find a replacement or teach yourself new controls.

The knowledgeable staff at the modern repair centre offer an analog and digital DJ mixer repair service for professionals, individuals and venues via a pick up and delivery service.

Book your DJ mixer repair for Newbridge by completing the DJ mixer form displayed on this website or by calling the team.

Recent Enquires

ive 2 tecnhics 1210`s and a behringer djx x mixer. the have been stored for a while and wondered roughly how much a service would cost?


hi there. i`ve recently found some of my old speakers in the loft, they weren`t working properly so I put them there probably about 10 years ago. unsure exactly what the issue is. they are paradigm floor speakers but unsure what model. is this something you could help me with? also, do you do services on dj mixers? I have an old funktion 1 mixer that`s in need of a service.


i a pre-sonus studio live ar8 usb mixer. the auxiliary channel I believe there is a loose connection which is why the sound doesn`t play through both speakers at the moment, you have to wiggle the aux lead to get it to play in both speakers. is it something you can repair?


hi. i`ve recently re-set my turntables back up, after quite a few years. turntables are working fine. jaytec djt2/jaytec djm 5 mixernew edifier r1280db speakers. I think because my ground clip holder being loose at the back of the mixer, is causing a flood of ground loop! mixer switches on, but no live sound bars on the screen. recent upgraded ground clips. regards mr jordan walcott


hi, we have a problem getting sound from our mixer to the system. any advice would be great even if over the phone. many thanks


good afternoon.i have a tascam x9 digital mixer which needs repairing: it switches on showing errors in both display banks and does not input or output any sound whatsoever. I also have 2, sl1210mk5g`s and 2, denon sc3900`s needing of my mk5g`s pitch fader seems to lack pickup slightly. both sc3900`s play and cue buttons are becoming increasingly sticky and unresponsive. both pitch faders and platters, I feel, have a bit of unwanted play about them also. I can see you support denon and technics products. would you accept my tascam as this is my main concern at the moment and any have idea of an itemised estimate for all of the above? yours gratefully kevin.


hi I have a formula sound pm80 dj mixer and I need the line input modules repaired. how much would that cost?kind regards


rane mixer sixty one complete cross fader replacement, the cross fader has snapped off the mixer and fallen into the mixer.