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Fill in your details below and we will contact you back regarding DJ equipment repair Kidbrooke


Can the team offer a courier service for my DJ equipment in Kidbrooke?

Yes the team use national courier services for DJ equipment repairs Kidbrooke.

For more information on the repair service being provided, just leave an enquiry on the online form for a prompt reply.

I have a make of DJ equipment in Kidbrooke not written about on this website?

The technicians offer DJ equipment repairs for the majority of models and brands subject to parts being acquirable.

Please contact the team to see if your DJ equipment in Kidbrooke can be fixed.

For the best possible response to your initial enquiry please supply the model number and brand if known.

This help the professionals source the parts needed for the repair.

What parts are used in Kidbrooke DJ equipment repairs?

The large repair centre will only source compatible parts for DJ equipment repair Kidbrooke.

For added assurance, DJ equipment repairs Kidbrooke in London have a warranty on the parts fitted.

Can the repairers provide advice on Kidbrooke DJ equipment repairs?

Yes the helpful DJ equipment repair and service team can provide advice on DJ equipment repairs servicing including the process and estimates.

Whatever issues you're experiencing with your DJ equipment, please enquire with the team today.

What is the normal turnaround time for DJ equipment repairs Kidbrooke?

The staff aim to service your non working DJ equipment and returned to your premises in London within three to five business days.

In unusual cases, a DJ equipment repair service for Kidbrooke might takes longer due to the sourcing of compatible parts.

DJ Equipment Repairs Kidbrooke

DJ equipment repair Kidbrooke London from professionals is possible as DJ Fix Pros will get you in touch with the professionals.

The fully trained team offer quality DJ equipment repairs for most well known brands on the market including (but not restricted to):

• Technics
• Pioneer
• Allen & Heath
• American Audio
• Vestax
• Numark
• Yamaha

The technicians have been in the industry for many years and they have the correct knowledge to repair all manners of faults over a period of time.

They are proud to provide a prompt, honest and affordable solution to the service and repair of DJ equipment throughout the country.

Kidbrooke DJ equipment repairs cover:

• Amplifier repair
• CD Player repair
• DJ Mixer repair
• Speaker repair
• Turntable repair

Most other types of DJ equipment are serviced by the team using appropriate parts and quality repair processes.

Most DJ equipment repairs take just 5 working days to complete and a warranty covering parts fitted is included for added peace of mind that your DJ equipment has been repaired to the highest possible standard.

When you're deciding to service or replace your DJ equipment you should consider how old the equipment is, do you require new functions and do you have the time to learn the controls for new equipment or find a replacement.

The helpful team will always service DJ equipment when it is cost-effective.

For DJ equipment repairs Kidbrooke by professionals, simply fill in the online form provided or phone the team. A member of the friendly team shall shall reply to your enquiry shortly in regards to DJ equipment repairs Kidbrooke.

DJ equipment repair Kidbrooke

Kidbrooke DJ Equipment Repair Service

Quick DJ equipment repairs Kidbrooke at the fully equipped repair centre.

Dependable DJ equipment repairs by experienced technicians using suitable parts and tools. DJ equipment repair Kidbrooke is straightforward to arrange as collection and delivery is included as standard.

The staff are happy to offer DJ equipment repairs for clubs, venues and individuals in London looking for a prompt DJ repair service at an affordable cost.

Customer service is very important to the team and they can answer any enquiries that you might have regarding DJ equipment repairs and servicing.

To schedule Kidbrooke DJ equipment repairs, just fill out the enquiry enquiry form and the experts will contact you back quickly. You may also contact the repair centre with the number displayed.

Recent Enquires

pioneer cdj x won`t power on. not a fuse issue with the cable as the same cable can power up an identical unit.


i tried to replace the cartridge, unsuccessfully. I now only get one channel ... would you be able to repair it / do the job properly? how much will it cost?


i have a pair of rokit krk 5 gen 2`s. the one speaker has lost all sound from the driver. tweeter works however. upon doing some research there`s an apparent issue with these involving black goo and the effect it can have on the capacitors. overheating etc. opened it up to look and it was everywhere. it`s above my abilities to repair. the other speaker works fine at the moment. what kind of qoute potentially would I be looking at for repair?


hi,i have a xone 3d mixer and the channels one of the channels has completely gone (sound comes out but extremely loud and unlistenable) and the other 3 are bleeding some sound intermitently even when the faders are down.can you advise an approximate estimate to fix and also a timecale?i`d ideally need it repaired by the end of the month.thanks,


both decks on my numark twin cd player started skipping and then the right deck stopped reading discs altogether. tried to open it up to possibly adjust the lasers but couldn`t get it fully open. then the power on the right deck failed! it was then that I notice a plug had come out ! I managed to find where it goes and plug it back in. the right deck as a result powered up again and started reading discs again. but when I screwed the unit back together again the right deck stopped reading discs again! i`m sure the problem is just a loose plug but I would like someone to open it up properly and check both side`s. another dj had sat the unit on one of the speakers to use it when the decks both started skipping and then the right deck stopped reading. something loose i`m sure!?


i have a set of numark n4`s and the pitch/tempo slider is broken on one side of the console. is it possible one of your team could repair this fault and if so how much would it cost?


i have a mackie 15a speaker bought like new . everything switches on but no sound coming out but the other speaker is okay as I had bought a pair. what could be the problem and how much are repairs or diagnostic?erv


i have a sanyo tp w10 from the 1980s. on 33 rpm albums play very slow and singles at 45rpm play quite slow. are you able to repair this fault. thanks fraser


hi, i`ve got a set of ddj-rb`s and the second volume slider has snapped off.just wondering how much this will cost to repair/replace?thanks in advance,josh


hi. I require a quote for repair or replace of several items.this is for insurance due to shelving collapsing with all items landing on the floor.regards richard.


jbl eon 618s not working, urgent repair needed for xmas, please contact me on the number above, many thankspaul


i`ve bought a behringer djm x recently, but needs repairing only 2 channels work and the effects also don`t work so needs a repair job how much would that be plz