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Fill in your details below and we will contact you back regarding DJ equipment repair Finchley


Can the team collect my DJ equipment in Finchley?

Yes the team use UK mainland couriers for DJ equipment repairs Finchley.

For extra information on the repair service being supplied, just use the online form for a quick response.

I have a brand of DJ equipment in Finchley not displayed on this website?

The technicians offer DJ equipment repairs for many models and manufacturers subject to parts being in stock.

Please connect with the team to see if your DJ equipment in Finchley can be maintained.

For the best possible answer to your initial query please include the model number and brand if known.

This help the technicians obtain the parts necessary for the repair.

What parts are used in DJ equipment repairs Finchley?

The modern repair centre will only source tried and tested parts for DJ equipment repair Finchley.

For added peace of mind, DJ equipment repairs Finchley in London have a warranty on the parts replaced.

Can the team offer advice on DJ equipment repairs for Finchley?

Yes the professional DJ equipment repair and service team can provide advice on DJ equipment repairs servicing including the process and estimates.

Whatever problems you're finding with your DJ equipment, please connect with the team today.

What is the average turnaround time for Finchley DJ equipment repairs?

The team aim to repair your broken DJ equipment and returned to your address in London within five working days.

In some cases, a DJ equipment repair service for Finchley could takes longer due to the sourcing of suitable parts.

DJ Equipment Repairs Finchley

DJ equipment repair Finchley London from professionals is possible as DJ Fix Pros will get you in touch with the professionals.

The fully trained team offer quality DJ equipment repairs for most well known brands on the market including (but not restricted to):

• Technics
• Pioneer
• Allen & Heath
• American Audio
• Vestax
• Numark
• Yamaha

The technicians have been in the industry for many years and they have the correct knowledge to repair all manners of faults over a period of time.

They are proud to provide a prompt, reliable and affordable solution to the service and repair of DJ equipment throughout the country.

Finchley DJ equipment repairs cover:

• Amplifier repair
• CD Player repair
• DJ Mixer repair
• Speaker repair
• Turntable repair

Most other types of DJ equipment are serviced by the team using appropriate parts and quality repair processes.

Most DJ equipment repairs take just 5 working days to complete and a warranty covering parts fitted is included for added peace of mind that your DJ equipment has been repaired to a quality standard.

When you're deciding to service or replace your DJ equipment you should consider how old the equipment is, do you require new functions and do you have the time to learn the controls for new equipment or find a replacement.

The helpful team will always service DJ equipment when it is cost-effective.

For DJ equipment repairs Finchley by professionals, simply fill in the online form provided or phone the team. A member of the friendly team shall shall reply to your enquiry shortly in regards to DJ equipment repairs Finchley.

DJ equipment repair Finchley

Finchley DJ Equipment Repair Service

Quick DJ equipment repairs Finchley at the fully equipped repair centre.

Dependable DJ equipment repairs by experienced technicians using suitable parts and tools. DJ equipment repair Finchley is straightforward to arrange as collection and delivery is included as standard.

The staff are happy to offer DJ equipment repairs for clubs, venues and individuals in London looking for a prompt DJ repair service at an affordable cost.

Customer service is very important to the team and they shall answer any enquiries that you might have regarding DJ equipment repairs and servicing.

To schedule Finchley DJ equipment repairs, just fill out the enquiry enquiry form and the experts will contact you back quickly. You may also contact the repair centre with the number displayed.

Recent Enquires

i purhased a second hand monitor audio brw10 black subwoofer. it was working fine at first then instantly didnt produce sound. I tried it on the different amp and its the same. I changed the fuse and it keeps on blowing and I was thinking of there something wrong in the amp. I opened it and physically theres nothing wrong bit everytime I switch it on it blows my fuse out. I am thinking it can be a amp itsel is the problem. hope you can give me a price quotation of thr repair


hello, do you repair studio monitors? my adam a7 has a power issue I replace the fuse but it instantly blows? is that something you can help with?


sticky cue button and replacement top covers as can do with replacing and a vinly speed adjustment knob for touch brake and software update if needed


hi hi my turntables are playing up the pitch and speed not sure if it`s the motor or not but both needs servicing and repairing thank you


hi, I have a krk 10s blows fuses when turned on. is this something you could repair? and do you have a rough idea on cost? thanks


hi - ihave a technics sl bd20 turntable. not used for a while. it starts and stops but the cuing arm does not lift or lower correctly using the switch. probably needs a once over too - can you give me approximate quote/cost to repair.thankskevin


hi. I got a cdj x that needs a new cue button and also the jog wheel knob button has snapped and needs a new one


hi I dropped my jbl extreme and now it wont turn on, can you repair this and how much please?thnks


hi,i€™ve a marantz cd63mkii ki signature that€™s not been used much recently. I switched it on recently and after a few seconds the display disappeared and nothing now this something you can repair and, if so, can you confirm your rates please.kind regards,phil worrall


hi there, after a quote for repair on marantz tt2000: snapped arm and needle head broken clean off. also damaged turntable itself. thanks.


my play button on my ddj sx is being sticky when I press play it€™s happened for a few weeks now and I don€™t know why


i have a technics three way speaker for my stereo the bass part is blown could this be repaired