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Fill in your details below and we will contact you back regarding DJ equipment repair Egglescliffe


Can the team offer a courier service for my DJ equipment in Egglescliffe?

Yes the team use national couriers for DJ equipment repairs Egglescliffe.

For further information on the repair service being offered, just leave an enquiry on the online form for a fast reply.

I have a make of DJ equipment in Egglescliffe not written about on this website?

The technicians offer DJ equipment repairs for the majority of models and brands subject to parts being acquirable.

Please contact the team to see if your DJ equipment in Egglescliffe can be repaired.

For the best possible response to your initial enquiry please supply the model number and brand if known.

This help the professionals source the parts needed for the repair.

What parts are used in Egglescliffe DJ equipment repairs?

The fully fitted repair centre will only source compatible parts for DJ equipment repair Egglescliffe.

For added peace of mind, DJ equipment repairs Egglescliffe in Durham have a warranty on the parts supplied.

Can the DJ technicians supply advice on Egglescliffe DJ equipment repairs?

Yes the helpful DJ equipment repair and service team can provide advice on DJ equipment repairs servicing including the process and estimates.

Whatever issues you're having with your DJ equipment, please enquire with the team today.

What is the normal turnaround time for DJ equipment repairs Egglescliffe?

The DJ technicians aim to fix your damaged DJ equipment and returned to your property in Durham within 5 working days.

In a few cases, a DJ equipment repair service for Egglescliffe takes longer due to the sourcing of high grade parts.

DJ Equipment Repairs Egglescliffe

DJ equipment repair Egglescliffe Durham from professionals is possible as DJ Fix Pros will help arrange contact with the experts.

The experienced team offer quality DJ equipment repairs for most famous brands on the market including (but not limited to):

• Technics
• Pioneer
• Allen & Heath
• American Audio
• Vestax
• Numark
• Yamaha

The specialists have been in the industry for a considerable period of time and they have the necessary experts to repair all manners of problem over a period of time.

They are proud to offer a fast, dependable and cost-effective solution to the service and repair of DJ equipment throughout the UK.

Egglescliffe DJ equipment repairs cover:

• Amplifier repair
• CD Player repair
• DJ Mixer repair
• Speaker repair
• Turntable repair

Most other types of DJ equipment are repaired by the team using high quality parts and professional repair techniques.

Most DJ equipment repairs take just three to five working days to complete and a warranty covering parts installed is included for additional peace of mind that your DJ equipment has been repaired to a reliable standard.

When you're deciding to repair or replace your DJ equipment you should consider how old the equipment is, do you require new functions and do you have the time to learn the controls for new equipment or obtain a replacement.

The courteous team will always repair DJ equipment when it is cost-effective.

For DJ equipment repairs Egglescliffe by professionals, just fill in the DJ equipment form shown or call the team. A member of the professional team shall get in touch shortly regarding DJ equipment repairs Egglescliffe.

DJ equipment repairs Egglescliffe

Egglescliffe DJ Equipment Repair Service

Fast DJ equipment repairs Egglescliffe at the dedicated repair centre.

Specialist DJ equipment repairs by knowledgeable technicians using compatible parts and tools. DJ equipment repair Egglescliffe is simple to arrange as collection and delivery is included as standard.

The staff are happy to provide DJ equipment repairs for clubs, venues and individuals in Durham looking for a quick DJ repair service at an affordable cost.

Customer service is very important to the team and they shall answer any questions that you might have regarding DJ equipment repairs and servicing.

To schedule Egglescliffe DJ equipment repairs, just fill out the website enquiry form and the team will contact you back quickly. You may also phone the repair centre with the number displayed.

Recent Enquires

speaker repairs? hello I have a broken power inlet in my brazen gamers chair would you guys be able to fix it or know anywhere in nottingham that can? it`s a speaker built into a chair


little used stanton st150 mk1. 45 rpm has stopped working. only 33 rpm plays / led light up. how much approx to repair please and where is your nearest drop off? many thanks


djm x both faders snapped and need replacing and blue effect button is stuck inside can u give me a quote please mate


i have a kenwood subwoofer that has two x inch (160mm) speakers that the cones have split on where the join to the speaker.. I think this can be repaired hopefully, can you contact me to discuss... id love to get my amp working again!full deatails of my sub below[amplifier]practical maximum output: 70 w (50 hz, eiaj x 6 ohm)frequency response: 20 hz to 60 hz, 90 hz, x hzphase switching: normal, reverseinput sensitivity


i`ve got 2 technics sl1210 mk2 and a allen heath xone62 the with one deck all the lights come on but the turntable doesn`t spin when pressing start the other has a lose arm the mixer is in need of a refeurb can u give me a price to repair and referb the hole setup


alba model cbbcas2 has stopped working, disc motor no longer spinning. the radio and cassette are both fine.can you let me have a quote for repair please.


hi there i€™ve got a technics mk 2 turntable playing up, not quite sure what the problem is my guess is something to do with the tone arm, I need it repaired and a service if possible. I can drop and pick up the turntable if need be. thanks charlie


cyrus q dad 3 cd player:the cd player has been in storage until recently, and is now not reading any cds at all.please could you let us know if this is something you might be able to repair?if so, are you able to provide an estimate for the price of repair?


repair to a technics sl23 turntable. fit new belt, stylus


i have an older style hk elias, (sub bass unit housing three amps) the two satellite amps are fine, but the bass amp has stopped working. I had the other side repaired a while back while I was living near bristol. it turned out being one of the output transistors. he changed both of them on the end to be sure. it was only a few quid but travel over there now is possibly not worth it if I can find somebody local for repairs.


hi, i`m looking to get a behringer pa mixer repaired. I accidentally yanked the power lead put, there was a flash, and now it`s not working. is this something you could help with please? best wishes, will


wire has snapped on dj speaker so can€™t use party lights and it€™s got very low volume