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My CD player keeps on skipping discs?

The optical assembly or tray could be damaged. This DJ CD player repair is a common job for the professional technicians working at the dedicated DJ repair centre.

Contact us today for details on how to request a CD player repair for Newport with the enquiry form provided.

What DJ CD player models can the staff fix for Newport?

The highly trained team offers DJ mixers repairs and servicing for Newport covering the popular CDJ-800 and CDJ-1000 CD player series from Pioneer but a range of other models and brands are covered including Gemini CDMP-7000, Denon DN-S3700, Numark NDX400 and Kam KCD550 to name but a few examples; used by professionals and home users in Monmouthshire.

The reliable CD player repair service for Newport can replace all faulty parts.

Can the team provide DJ CD player servicing for Newport?

Yes the team offers CD player servicing and repairs for Newport by courier. This would typically include:

1. Replacement of faulty parts
2.Cleaning and lubrication of parts and laser
3. Blowing out accumulated dirt and debris from unit
4. Software updates (if required)

For extra information on this service or anything else related to DJ equipment repairs Newport, simply fill in the online form displayed or give the team a call.

I need my DJ CD Decks quickly repaired for an upcoming performance in Newport.

The team pride themselves on offering quick turnaround times for DJ CD player repairs for customers from Newport and Monmouthshire.

Customers should enquire early to avoid disappointment due to the high demand for CD players and servicing.

CD Player Repair Newport

CD player repairs Newport Monmouthshire by knowledgeable technicians at a modern repair workshop.

They take pride in the quality of their work and the always aim to deliver helpful customer service as shown by the recent testimonials from clients across the country.

Most brands and models of CD players are serviced and repaired by the team including (but not limited):

• Pioneer CDJ
• Denon
• Reloop
• Gemini
• Stanton
• Numark

If your brand is not shown, please add this in your enquiry as the team will try its best to help where possible.

Common CD player repairs for Newport that the friendly team offer for consumers and trade services in Monmouthshire are:

• Cosmetic damage
• Disc motor no longer spinning up
• Discs not reading at all
• Track and search buttons faulty
• Pitch slider not working properly
• Discs skipping
• Damaged casing
• Jog wheel sticking
• No display
• No audio output

These are just a few of the CD player faults that the specialists can repair, no matter the defect that you may be having, the team will always try its best to offer a CD player repair for Newport. Each completed CD player repair comes with a warranty, this covers all parts fitted by the technicians as well.

If you would like to arrange a CD player repair for Newport by national courier service, just complete the CD player form with the following details and a helpful member of the team will be in contact via email or telephone.

• Contact details
• Brand
• Model
• Problem with CD player

DJ CD player repair Newport

Newport CD Deck Repairs

DJ Fix Pros aims to offer a economical and reliable solution for CD player repairs Newport, the professionals can service the whole of Monmouthshire.

Newport CD player repairs by courier typically have a fast turnaround times of about 3-5 business days.

The team will only use the best spare parts, testing equipment and repair tools for any CD player repair.

The team is able to repair and service a a large selection of CD players including professional DJ models such as Pioneer CDJs to Hi-Fi equipment.

Arranging your CD player repair for Newport is convenient - simply enquire using the online form for a no obligation estimate by email or telephone shortly.

Recent Enquires

i have been given 2 technics sl dz x cd turntables that were travelling in a car presumably to a gig, and the car was involved in a crash, and rear ended? unfortunately the decks were in the boot and received the impact? 1 is quite bad, 1 is reasonable condition. I have no power leads to see if they power up, I am hoping we can make 1 good turntable from 1 quite good 1 and a quite bad condition deck? I have pics if needed. thanks.


disc error after attempting to load, cd/dvd player.


sony mini system cd dosnt and want to read any discs


bose wavefront, cd loads correctly but then not picking up, jumps and on/off; radio plays and if radio on for 2 hours sometimes cd will then play


good cd 6 cd changer in my bmw 530i worked fine till a week ago, now it doesnt. can you help?rgdsneil


hi. I have an old yamaha cdx-396 that won€™t play. everything seems to be working, the disk is spinning and it shows the track numbers but not track duration. is it worth repairing and if so can you give me an approximate price? thanks


manages to play approx once in every 80 attempts.when it plays, its perfect.however continually says reading followed by no disc.the model is a cyrus cd8x.


cd drawer sometimes won`t open and sometimes just spins with a disk in it. I have a denon dcd 425.what is the likely cost of repair?


cd`s skipping or disc pausing and not playing at all it`s a bose soundwave player.


cds won`t play.


i have a sony cd player ref cdp-790. it still works fine for playing, but the cd draw is a bit temperamental, and goes back in as soon as it opens so its hard to drop a cd in to play. other times it works this something you could fix as otherwise it is still a good player.


hi there, I have a pioneer bdp lx55 blu-ray/sacd/cd player which has developed some issues.the main ones are that when playing cds the sound is truly awful, it sounds like interfence/white noise and the music sounds quieter. the player will also intermittently refuse to open the loading tray and is not consistently turning on.the display no longer works either...can you help?many thanks,andrew.